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About us

We are a Mexican company committed to society, our approach to the distribution of chemical products requires quality, compliance and training. With more than 5 years in the market, we strive every day to be better.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certified Company



To be the main company dedicated to the distribution of chemical products, made up of a work team committed to meeting the requirements of our interested parties, being a key part in achieving their quality and safety and business goals.


To be the best option for our interested parties, in the distribution of chemical products through an adequate administration and constant improvement that allow us to satisfy their requirements, needs and exceptions of our clients.


  • Teamwork: Development of all the activities of the company based on working together to face all the present and future challenges of our organization.
  • Respect: Act cordially with interested parties in terms of quality and the environment, meeting their needs, expectations and requirements.
  • Commitment: Always meet the requirements of the interested parties with whom the company has a relationship with a focus on continuous improvement of all its processes.
  • Honesty: It is our flag that always characterizes the development of the activities, responsibilities and links that we establish in the present and in the future with our interested parties.
  • Tolerance: Understanding the differences that may exist with all interested parties, striving every day to reconcile these differences to achieve mutually beneficial agreements.
  • Service: It is the attitude that all our collaborators must have in the development of activities to meet the needs, expectations and requirements of our present and future interested parties with a focus on continuous improvement.

Quality politics

Company dedicated to the distribution of chemical products, is committed to complying with quality and safety, this is achieved through compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable in terms of quality and safety to our business, through the implementation of processes, training, the involvement of all personnel, in the establishment and fulfillment of quality and safety objectives with a focus on continuous improvement.