The Agrochemical Industry is one of the most important in Mexico, due to its great contribution to agriculture, human food and job creation, that is why we put at your disposal a wide specialized catalog for this sector.

1.- Glacial Acetic Acid

2.-Ethoxylated Castor Oil 36 OE

3.- Citric Acid

4.- Phosphoric Acid

5.-Ethoxylated Lauric Alcohols

6.- Tridecyl Alcohols ethoxylated

7.- Silicone-Based Defoamers

8.- Carbonates

9.- Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate

10.- Polyethylene glycol didilate

11.- Methyl Esters

12.- EDTA´s

13.- Ammonium hydroxide

14.- Nonyl Ether Sulfate of Ammonium

15.- Monopropylene glycol

16.- Monoethylene glycol

17.- Polyethylene glycol monolaurate

18.- Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylates

19.- Polyethylene glycols

20.- Polysorbates

21.- Propionate

22.- Sorbates